The instructions for HW 02 told you to use a sed command:

sed -e 's/|Open/&\n/g'

This should put a newline after every occurrence of the string |Open. Some older versions of sed don't work this way however. In these versions, instead of a newline, the letter n will be inserted. If this happens to you, change your command to:

sed -e 's/|Open/&\

Note that I have actually hit the Enter key on my keyboard, which put a newline into the script. This should work on all versions of sed. You can test this by writing:

echo -e 'abcabcabc' | sed 's/c/&\n/g'
echo -e 'abcabcabc' | sed 's/c/&\

and seeing which of the two works. Both scripts are trying to insert newlines before every a.

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18 February 2013


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