1. For HW 4, email a pdf presentation to the TA, and be prepared to present in class. Do both of these on March 13. Nothing else is due at any time.
  2. Suggestions for your presentation:
  • List the variables your models use, along with the values of the corresponding coefficients. Do the coefficient signs make sense?
  • Show your error and how you evaluated error. Remember that you must train/cross-validate using 2006 data, and then test (i.e. measure your error) using the 2010 data.
  1. I noticed that there are quite a few variables that are actually the same as income (up to some constant). If you notice this, then it's ok to point it out. However, please spend your time building models that don't use them.
  2. Tuesday's OH moved to Wedn 11-12.

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06 March 2013


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