1. We will start posting announcements rather than sending email for every little thing. You are responsible for checking these.
  2. Material from the Software Carpentry bootcamps will be posted here
  3. You should have received emails from the TA and GitHub regarding homework 1.5. If you didn't, please send your name, github username, uni, and email to the TA at zss2101@columbia.edu
  4. See this post about editors. You are expected to install a decent text editor.
  5. We posted about debugging with the pdb++ debugger.
  6. In homework 1.5, you should modify the top line of test/testscripts.py to reference the name of your particular repo. In other words, if your repo is homework_1p5_team_1, then change homework_1p5 to homework_1p5_team_1.

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02 February 2013


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